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ZoomTemplate - Looking for Blogger templates for your blog could be an annoying task due to the fact that there are so many options out there to actually choose from. In addition to that, sometimes you do not have enough time to search for these templates and you end up having a mediocre one that does not reflect your personality or spirit.

Those times might as well be gone as this solution will help you to find free blogger templates straightaway. Moreover, this site has a collaborative facet because if you think you have some good templates to go around you will be able to share them with everybody. In this way you can get a great design for your blog, and you can let others know how good you are when it comes to designing.

In addition to many other features, this site gives you the possibility to take a look at many tutorials as well as to learn more about how you can advertise on it. Just give it a visit at and see if you come across something that tickles your fancy - KillerStartups

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my name Agus Ramadhani and you can call me OOM. Now i'm staying in Indonesia (Asia). i'm is a blogger and lover of web design. i also writes on personal site about blogging and web development, write to about Blogger Trick, WP & Blogger Tutorial, Blogging Tips, Blogger Hack, SEO, CSS Editor, JavaScript and Free Blogger Templates Custom Creator.

To contact me, please email to oom[at]