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Blogger Store Blogger Template

Blogger Store
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 Descriptions Blogger Store is a templates free created specially for bloggers who have a commercial blog, designed professionally using the latest version ShoppingCart (v2.2) of wojo team.
You can feel the real taste deal using Paypal or Google Checkout. settings are available for TaxRate, ShippingCost and more. With the automatic slideshow featuring recent post and also jQuery sliding menus and socialbookmark with fadein and fadeout effect.
Blogger Store is a free blogger template custom design with 1 Left Sidebar, 3 Column, 4 Column, Blogger, Bookmark Ready, Elegant, Fixed, Gray, Online Store, Page Number, Simple, Unique, and now you can download Blogger Store blogger template for free only in ZoomTemplate.
Description: Blogger Store | Rating: 4.0 | Reviewer: ZoomTemplate | ItemReviewed: Blogger Store
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Date Published: 8/07/2011