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BSXtreme Blogger Template

BSXtreme blogger template
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 Template Author Mohammad Fazle Rabbi
This template is suitable for Tech, Blogging, and Magazine type blog. And this is also compatible on all type browsers. I have personally tested on Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Comodo browser.
2 column magazine style with Image slider. The main features are below-

1. SEO friendly and based on CSS Coding
2. Black, Dark Blue and Green color combination
3. Attractive Header with Ready Featured Slider
4. Neon Hover effect on Blog images.
5. Horizontal Menu
6. 2 Column Magazine style
7. 4 Column Footer
8. Comment Counter
9. Wide image thumbnail on Post body
10. Related post with Wide image thumbnail
11. Attractive comment section
12. Stylish Unique Credit Wrapper
BSXtreme is a free blogger template custom design with 1 Right Sidebar, 2 Column, Blogger, Custom Navbar, Fixed, Green, Slideshow, and now you can download BSXtreme blogger template for free only in ZoomTemplate.
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Date Published: 7/12/2013